Sunday, 27 January 2013

Community Gardening Day and Workshop Series

The Northcote Library Food Garden invites you to join us for our next
Sunday 10 February from 10am

Community Gardening: 10am - 1pm
Find out first-hand about the most sociable way to garden by joining in with the NLFG’s gardeners as they undertake seasonal tasks and prepare the Northcote Library Food Garden for Autumn.

Starting a Worm Farm Workshop: 11am
Worms are the garden’s best recyclers!  Learn to establish and care for a domestic and larger-scale home for these wriggly friends and learn about the NLFG’s worm tunnels.

Pallet Gardening: 12pm
Pallets are plentiful, cheap and a great strategy for vertical gardening in small spaces.  Help construct and plant-out a pallet with edible and flowering plants in this hands-on session.

Planning for Autumn Food Gardening Workshop: 1pm
Join one of our local gardening experts as they take us through how to get our gardens prepared for the productive Autumn season.  This workshop will cover soil preparation, Autumn plant varieties, garden care and how to get the best from your Autumn crops.

Bookings for workshops are essential and can be made by emailing by February 8.

We are proud to run this event as part of the 2013 Sustainable Living Festival.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Summer Flowers

Can you pick which plant varieties these summer flowers are from? Thanks to Ivor for the great images.