Monday, 30 September 2013

Through Ivor's Lens...

As Ivor saw the start of Spring in the Northcote Library Food Garden...

Spring Workshop Round Up

In the wonderful September sunshine gardeners and visitors were treated to two fabulous workshops from our garden friends and advisers, Selia Hierk and Angelo Eliades.

Seila shared his permaculture expertise with the group and helped us to plan and plant out our garden beds for Spring and Summer.  As always, his advice regarding soil preparation, maximising growing space, planting seeds and seedlings and plant selection was invaluable to the community garden and perfect for applying in our own growing spaces, however small or large.

Angelo helped us to extend our knowledge about the varieties of berries and vines in the community garden and particularly how they work within the food forest ecosystem.  Under his guidance the group was able to undertake some much needed maintenance of the plants and plan for future growth and fruiting.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Spring Workshops

Join the Northcote Library Food Gardeners for community gardening workshops on Sunday 8th September.  The workshops will take place during our usual monthly community gardening day and we invite you to join us for all or part of the day.

Sunday 8th September in the NLFG

10 - 11am          
Welcome, induction for visitors and new gardeners, gardening tasks for day set out

Workshop 1 - Spring Planting using Permaculture Principles 
Presenter - Seila Hierk
This is a hands-on workshop where Seila will take participants through his Spring planting guide, preparing garden beds for planting, companion planting, garden bed design for optimum yields and garden maintenance for Spring.

Shared lunch and NLFG gardeners' meeting

1.30 - 3pm       
Workshop 2 - Berries and Vines in the Forest Garden 
Presenter - Angelo Eliades
The NLFG features a wide variety of berry and vine plants and Angelo will show us how these plants contribute to a food forest design, which varieties to plant, as well as care and maintenance of plants for maximum fruit production.

3 - 4pm       Afternoon tea and more gardening work!   

RSVP via email preferable for members (free), and ESSENTIAL for Non-members (by donation):


Perennial Plants Workshop - August 2013

The NLFG members and visitors enjoyed learning about the benefits and care of perennial plant varieties from Raf (formerly of Cultivating Community and Merristem nursery) on our August community gardening day.

Raf's perennial plant guide can be found here

Maintaining the perennial plants in the NLFG
Learning about perennial varieties
The pepino is an edible perennial that is doing well in the NLFG