Monday, 27 June 2011

Project update

Here is where the project is up to.
  •  The community consultation began in March and progressed well
  •  The community consultation is now complete with plans having been drawn and redrawn a number of times as the consultation shaped the design and process
  •  The community were given a chance to vote on a plan they most preferred and the plans were finalised
  •  Tenders were sent out six contractors 
  •  A contractor was selected using the Darebin councils tender evaluation process
  •  No underground services were located in the area of the garden contrary to information supplied by Dial Before You Dig
  •  Site works began on Thursday the 16th June
  •  Works are currently on track for completion by June 30th 
  •  A 10k ltr tank and pump have been installed on site, catchment off the library roof
  •  Gardeners have formed a management committee and are in the process of developing their rules and guidelines for the use of the space
  •  A blogspot has been created
  •  The handover from project worker to the community garden management committee will happen in the next few weeks
  •  Standby for info on the Next community garden meeting!  

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