Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Summer 2011-12 Plan

Devising the Plan
A group of gardeners met in late September to devise a plan for the communal planting, care and harvest of the Northcote Library Food Garden for the Summer 2011-12 season.  The result of the meeting is the map of the garden below, that incorporates the planting (and consumption!) wants of the gardeners with sustainable gardening and permaculture principles.  The plan will be used on the Community Gardening Days to inform ongoing planting and garden care and can be consulted when gardeners work in the garden in their own time.

Northcote Library Food Garden Summer 2011-12 Plan (devised September 2011)

Features of the Summer Plan
Succession Planting - Spaced planting of different varieties of tomatoes, beans, eggplants, zucchinis, green varieties etc. will ensure that is food to harvest throughout early, mid and late Summer.
Bean Tee-Pee -  A tee-pee has been created that will become a living, bean-producing cubby for children.
North-South staking - Tall varieties of plants, including tomatoes and beans, have been staked in rows running North-South to limit shading of plants growing behind them.
"Three Sisters" Planting - Sweetcorn seed, squash and climbing beans have been planting together in a large bed area.  The corn will become a living trellis for the beans to grow up and the squash will trail around the taller bean and corn plants.
Garden Hot Spot - The bed behind the water tank abuts a brick wall and will become a hot and exposed bed during warmer weather.  As a result, we have planted heat-loving vegetables there: eggplants, capsicums and chillies.
Melons - Watermelons, as the name suggests, are thirsty!  They've been planting close to the water tank.

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