Wednesday, 18 January 2012


During the quiet, hazy summer days at the garden:
  • Bees and insects are busy pollinating
  • The beans that waited patiently for summer proper are suddenly creeping and climbing skyward
  • Sunflowers, planted long ago by tiny hands, shine bright yellow across the garden 
  • Finger-like zucchinis lurk beneath jungle green leaves
  • Giant seed heads of silverbeet and parsley reach shoulder-high in the food forest
  • Tiny, sherbety wild strawberries are gobbled up by garden visitors
  • Green caterpillars munch on juicy leaves
  • Tomatoes struggle in the tough soil conditions, but are trying hard to flower and fruit
  • Berry canes stretch out in all directions – a promise of a very berry crop to come next season!
  • Busy hands are watering, weeding, tending to compost and digging in coffee grounds 

What else have you noticed at the garden this Summer?

Zucchinis and Sunflowers

Edible cannas and climbing beans
Food Forest January 2012

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